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anda dapat saja menciptakan sesuatu yang indah dengan menggunakan pasir, namun jangan pernah anda membangun rumah di atasnya.


pendidikan adalah hak asasi, sehingga menjadi pendidik yang baik adalah memungkinkan dan memaksimalkan diri menjadi alat anugerah dari Tuhan


The rational created nature alone is immediately ordered to God, for the other creatures do not attain something universal . . . But the rational creature, insofar as it knows the universal ratio of good and being, is immediately ordered to the universal principle of being.
–Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae–


It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.
–Wayne W. Dyer–


The reason why a sound body becomes ill, or an ailing body recovers, very often lies in the mind.
–Gaub, 1747–


By some small sample we judge of the whole piece.


We are held in place by the pressure of the crowd around us. We must lean upon others. Let us see that we lean gracefully and freely and acknowledge their support.
–Margaret Collier Graham–


Fortunately when religion was strong and science weak, men mistook magic for medicine; now, when science is strong and religion weak, men mistake medicine for magic.
–Thomas Szasz–


Fear cannot be banished, but it can be calm and without panic; and it can be mitigated by reason and evaluation.
–Vannevar Bus–


Lord, remember your Church, to deliver her from all evil and perfect her in your love; and gather her, the sanctified one, from the four winds into your kingdom, which you have prepared for her.
–The Didache–


You cannot have God as your Father if you no longer have the Church for your mother.
–Cyprian of Carthage, On the Unity of the Church–


I am convinced that life is 10 percent what happens to me and 90 percent how I react to it.
–Chuck Swindoll–


faith is as inevitable phenomenon in which one is positioned before God and has only one choice, that’s to worship Him
–Yakub B. Susabda–


A good life, like a good book: should have a good margin.
F. W. Boreham


All beginnings are lovely.
–French proverb–


Pernikahan yang berhasil didasarkan pada gairah, keintiman dan komimen. Memelihara unsur-unsur ini akan membantu melalui tahapan cinta dan menjadikannya tahan seumur hidup.
–Les & Leslie Parrott–


A good marriage is made up of . . . two people who take ownership for the good as well as the bad. They are a responsible couple.
A good marriage is made up of . . . two people believing good wins over bad. They are a hopeful couple.
A good marriage is made up of . . . two people walking in each other’s shoes. They are an empathic couple.
A good marriage is made up of . . . two people healing the hurts they don’t deserve. They are a forgiving couple.
A good marriage is made up of . . . two people living the love they promise. They are a committed couple.


Love must be fed and nurtured . . . first and foremost it demands time.
–David Mace–


We have so much time and so little to do. Strike that, reverse it.
–Roald Dahl–


Take away love and our earth is a tomb.
–Robert Browning–


You can tell a good, surviving marriage by the expression in the partners’ eyes — like those of sailors who have shared the battles against foul weather.
–Pam Brown–


Emotional intimacy and sexual intimacy are different but well integrated in a healthy marriage.
–Barry McCarthy dan Emily J. McCarthy, Getting It Right the First Time: Creating a Healthy Marriage (New York: Taylor & Francis e-Library, 2005), 10.


Pursuit and withdrawal may be normal in relationships, but normal isn’t necessarily good.


Don’t expect to be your beloved’s soul mate before you’ve been there as your mate’s soul unfolds. . . . Soul mates evolve as lovers grow together and coauthor their own relationship story.
–Howard Markman–


One sign of relationship problems, now or in the future, is when
you focus on your partner as the source of the problems.


It ’ s more important to be the right person than to find the right person.
–Shirley P. Glass–


All the cynicism of the world cannot smother the fire that
burns in each of us for connection at the deepest levels of our heart and soul.


You can learn how to build and protect a great relationship if you are motivated to do so


The greatest forces in human civilization are not nuclear weapons or massive armies, but ideas.


Berelasi dengan orang lain menuntut kita bergumul dengan diri sendiri secara unik dan tetap menjadi otentik sembari membuka diri untuk bertumbuh secara sehat.


kasih yang tak pernah putus adalah senjata pilihan Allah untuk mengalahkan hati yang memberontak…


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